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Zero Waste

We specialise in zero waste cosmetics and beauty supply, making it easier to live a zero waste lifestyle and remove plastic from your beauty regime. Find out more about us here.

About Us and the Refill Revolution

The more we reuse, the less goes into landfill. The refill revolution is at the heart of our business, offering refillable products to make the plastic we do consume have a longer life.

Founded in 2020

We're a small business, ready to hit the ground running. But don't let our age fool you. Together we have over 10 years of retail experience and a combined 40 year passion for eco-friendly lifestyle options.

Female owned

Aimee Brown

Jenny Cavanaugh-Bond

Jenny Cavanaugh-Bond


Aimee is the brains, the creative spark behind both The JarTree and The Beauty Bottle. 

She excels in sourcing amazing zero waste products to adorn our shelves and is passionate about reducing our plastic footprint. 

Jenny Cavanaugh-Bond

Jenny Cavanaugh-Bond

Jenny Cavanaugh-Bond


Jenny is the tenacious driving force behind The Beauty Bottle. She firmly believes that "everything is figuroutable"  - Marie Forleo, excels in project management and has a flair for creative thinking . 

Her first footsteps into the eco world were taken at 8, when she learnt about the endangerment of whales and vowed to make a difference.

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